Mold exchange system


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It is a comprehensive system that achieves functionality, economy and stability.

The mold change system is a highly reliable mold change system developed by three-dimensional construction of functionality, economy, and stability in mold change operations such as presses, injection machines, and die casting machines. In addition to mold change, it can be applied to machine tool processing and automated machines.

● Functionality: Various highly durable SYSTEM components withstand extreme operating conditions such as high speed, vibration, high temperature and humidity. In terms of high reliability and proven performance, functions are not limited in any application.

● Economics: By adopting the automatic exchange method, large molds can be exchanged in a short time, and the exchange time is shortened. The uniform clamping force improves mold protection and product accuracy.

● Stability: The non-tunch clamp and mechanical lock clamp design eliminates the risks of dangerous manual operation and mold dropping, and is a mutual safety control device.

Mold exchange system Out side part, In side part

● OUT SIDE PART: Work that can be done while the machine is in operation, i.e. preparation work for exchanging molds with PRESS, injection machine, etc. (Mold truck, mold load, forklift truck, hoist, Obahead crane, etc.)

● IN SIDE PART: Operation that must be stopped by the machine, i.e. the PRESS, the injection machine, etc. stop and replace the mold. It consists of the following parts.

When selecting CLAMP

● HI-CLAMP: Up to the mold, the operator moves the CLAMP position and is semi-automatic, which is engaged by hydraulic pressure

● AUTO-CLAMP: Unlike HI-CLAMP, this refers to an automated method that does not require an operator.

● The overall tightening force here means the upper and lower tightening force. Generally, the criteria for the overall tightening force are 5 to 20% of the machine's ability.

● You can determine the following formula or the size of the bolt.


Clamping force(TON)1-32-44-66-108-1515-20

- Unit strength and tightening power per bolt is approximate. Select tightening force according to the operation and status.

Required fastening speed요 

● The time required for CLAMPING can be obtained with the following formula

t = ( V x 60) / (0.7~0.8) x Qf) + 1(sec)

V: CLAMP Displacement volume(㎖)  Qf: PUMP Free discharge amount(㎖/Min)

● The time required for CLAMPING depends on the configuration circuit, the type of clamp, the condition of the piping, the viscosity of the OIL, and the supply status of the AIR, so the margin of 20 to 30% must be taken into account.